10 Days that shook the world


Dear fighters and fighters of the world, unite!

Due to the political, economic and social situation created by the parliamentary coup in Brazil in 2016, the resources allocated to political theater were drastically reduced, mainly due to the crisis and threat of privatization of public companies in Brazil (such as Petrobras, Eletrobrás, Correios). Ten days that shook the world will be a spectacle reference to know a remarkable historical fact of century XX, with reflexes still today, a hundred years later. Thus, in order to make possible the construction of this important spectacle celebrating the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution of 1917, we are launching an international solidarity campaign that reaches organizations and individuals around the world. France, Germany and the Netherlands are the countries where we are already building partnerships.

In Ten days that shook the world, the artists of the Open Rehearsal departing from documents of the Russian revolution to create a work of epic dimensions as the great street spectaculars staged in 30 years of spectacular proportions, compatible with the architecture of the Warehouse of Utopia, a building of industrial structure in the same historical era. This project strengthens the commemoration of 100 years of the Russian revolution in Brazil, stressing the importance of the history of Russia to the transformations during the 20th century. The project is estimated to reach an audience of 30000 spectators.

Ticket to watch “10 Days that Shook the World”

Contribute and break guarantee your ticket to attend the show (or present institutions / friends). With capacity to receive up to 700 spectators per day, the show has sold more than 5 thousand tickets of the 19 thousand tickets available. Finance the show by buying tickets in advance.


$ 20,00

1 ticket for a low-income student or 1 program of the show + 1 brand book






$ 50,00

2 tickets for two low-income students or 1 brand book + 1 show program + 1 set of show buttons






$ 70,00 

3 tickets for three low-income students or 2 brand books + 2 show programs + 1 set of show buttons






$ 100,00

5 tickets for 5 low-income students  or 2 brand books + 3 show programs + 1 set of show buttons






10 tickets for 10 low-income students or  2 brand books + 5 show programs + 1 set of show buttons + 1 show shirt






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